AV Solutions With Global Reach

X3 Solutions provide AV solutions for live events and conferences around the globe. As part of our job we get a unique opportunity to see the world as we work.

Working with clients in Europe and beyond, we travel to amazing destinations and venues to deliver expert audio visual production. As well as being an incredible perk to the job, our globetrotting also gives us a great advantage when it comes to working on your event production – our highly skilled team of technicians have extensive knowledge and experience of the AV industry in and outside of the UK, which allows us to be one step ahead of your expectations.

Join us on a quick round the world trip of the incredible locations we’ve been providing our AV services in:

Dubai, Rome and Mexico


Athens, Cannes and Lisbon


Nice, Switzerland and Malta


The journey doesn’t end there, follow us on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to explore more and to join in our future adventures.

No matter the location, X3 solutions are the AV experts that have the credentials you’re looking for to elevate your event to the next level. Tell us about your audio visual requirements and find out how we can work as your AV partner on your next live event: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to info@x3solutions.co.uk to get started.

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5 Simple Steps to Follow When Requesting an AV Quote

Managed incorrectly, finding an external AV supplier and the process of requesting a quote could be a long drawn out and painful experience, but it needn’t be this way.  Here are 5 simple steps to follow when requesting an AV quote…

1. Face to Face Meetings

Relying on email communications can be a time-consuming process when trying to acquire a detailed and accurate quote from AV suppliers. Save time and consider setting up a face-to-face meeting, or if geographical barriers make this difficult try utilising conferencing software.

Having real time conversations where event planners and audio visual professionals are in attendance together can help to thrash out the details of your event there and then. This can help save time going back and forth on email questions – which can be really frustrating for everyone involved.

Kick-off meetings can help get the AV team on-board with what you want your event to achieve; allowing them to create a quote from an informed position and reducing the likelihood of fundamental information getting lost in translation, which could cause delays in receiving a quote that is reflective of your audio visual requirements.

2. Dial up on Detail

Engaging potential AV suppliers at the right time in the planning process is vital. Setting up a meeting where you have no details to share will inevitably be a waste of time on both sides. Creating an event brief to share and discuss with the AV team during your initial meeting with them can help establish a framework in which to flesh out further details.

Sharing the venue that you have booked for your event or the venue options that are being considered can also provide an important insight for the AV team looking to quote for the work. From this information they can gauge the scale of the event and consider the logistical aspects.

Tip: Once you’ve secured an AV partner it is always advisable to carry out a walk-through of the venue, which many reputable audio visual companies will be happy to do.

Whilst there is no expectation of having a full event plan nailed down at the start of the planning process, having a robust brief and identifying budget parameters can cut out the likelihood of changes having to be made to the AV specification later-on. Armed with the detail at the outset, an audio visual quote can be compiled with a clearer picture of what AV elements and equipment will be needed to achieve your event vision.

3. Find Your Show-flow

My what? Your show-flow: this is essentially a road map of your event audio-visual from start to finish. Providing an outline of your event schedule before quote submission will assist the AV professionals working on your project to pull together a first draft of your show-flow, which will give them the best opportunity to cover off what will be needed to execute your event and create the show-stopping impact you’re after. Again, it boils down to sharing detail to get the most precise quote possible.

4. Content and Layout

Establishing the kind of content your event will require can also help stream-line the AV quoting process. It may be something that hasn’t been pinned down at the time you start to procure an audio visual supplier, but having an early concept to build upon will illuminate the ideas that you have for your event and the AV support that will be needed to implement them; all of which can be taken into account when putting your quote together.

Tip: Some audio visual specialists will also offer event content creation services that you may want to consider including into your overall quotation.

The nature of your event will influence the layout you require, perhaps you will need more than one layout throughout the course of the day, or maybe you’ll need multiple layouts for different areas of your event venue. Whatever your layout preferences, talk them through with the AV team quoting so they can incorporate the provisions needed to make your plans a reality.

5. Price Comparison

High quality audio visual doesn’t come cheap and can be a relatively expensive service, but it’s a must to deploy, to create a unique and exceptional event experience for your audience.

Remember, that when you finally come to review the quote(s) from your AV prospect(s) that a price isn’t necessarily reflective of the quality and service you will receive. Take time to go through your quote(s) line by line. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your AV contact(s) and ask them to walk you through the quote they’ve provided – cutting through all of the AV jargon will help you form a true understanding of what you are getting for your money.

If you put out a tender for multiple AV quotes, then the procedure of acquiring a quote can highlight which AV team best understands your event audio visual requirements and can also shine a light on their client management skills. Select an AV supplier that you can form a strong partnership with and that you trust to deliver an audio visual service that will help you get the most from your AV budget.

Requesting an AV quote is an important step in your event planning process. Finding ways to simplify the quotation request process is essential and will allow you to effectively and efficiently make the right selection based on the audio visual company that is best suited to your event needs and budget. An expert AV company will confidently guide you through the quotation process and submit a quote for your consideration against your stipulated deadlines.


With over 20 years’ in the industry, X3 Solutions have worked with clients across different industry sectors to provide first-class AV solutions for live events and conferences. Give us a call on +44(0)1252 519303 or email info@x3solutions.co.uk  to find out how we can elevate your event to the next level.



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3 Ways 3D Event Visualisation Can Improve Your Event Planning Process

Does the term 3D event visualisation resonate with you at all? Is it something that you’ve heard of, but you’ve never paid attention to? You may know a little about 3D rendering software, but you’re probably unaware of the valuable ways it can benefit the early stages of your event development – until now. Here are the 3 ways 3D event visualisation can improve your event planning process.

1. Professional Reassurance

No matter your experience within the event planning arena, when you engage with an AV supplier you want the reassurance that they share your vision and fully understand the event brief that you’ve supplied to them. Using 3D rendering software early on in the event planning process can help provide visual confirmation that your AV team are on the same page as you and get what it is you are trying to achieve in terms of the look and feel of your event.

Professional AV companies should work with you on a collaborative basis, to produce a couple of design concepts that can be refined in order to nail down a final creation that is bespoke to your specifications, and that can be produced in-line with your budget allocation.

The way in which 3D design concepts are created and presented can also help give you an insight into how your AV partner will work with you throughout the entire process. It is a good opportunity for you to assess their AV credentials, and how they will manage you as a client. From the outset, finding an AV company that you can build a good working relationship with and trust with your AV requirements is key.

2. Collective Vision

When planning an event, it is unlikely that you are going to be working in isolation and therefore it is important that you can share your vision of how the event should look with the wider event team. Sharing the 3D design(s) of your event can help bring it to life and give the event a strong theme and identity that can be used to inspire and influence other aspects of the event planning process, including:

  • The venue selection – ensure the AV concept can be facilitated by the venue that is chosen
  • Seating and furniture elements
  • Event marketing collateral
  • Content creation
  • Food and drink selections

Aligning the core components of your event from the off, can have a beneficial effect on its overall execution and can help create an integrated immersive experience for attendees.

Unfortunately, sharing a quick doddle sketched in the back of your notepad of how you envision the event, is unlikely to have the same impact. Therefore, finding an AV production company that offers 3D visualisation as part of their service, will help you to shape your event brief into a tangible and shareable asset, that can support with driving your event forward.

3. Gentle Persuasion

Wouldn’t it be great if money was no object and you were free to make all the decisions irrespective of price? The reality is that you are most likely working to a fixed event budget and reporting back to the powers at be on the costs being incurred.

In some instances, event AV can be seen as an unnecessary expenditure. There can also be a hesitancy to spend on AV due to not having a clear understanding of what you will be getting for the financial outlay – this is where 3D event visualisation can play an integral part in helping you to influence budgetary spend.

Many AV production businesses will take the time to meet with the event team and decision makers. They will talk through the service they intend to provide and present the 3D visual concepts; which should be designed to meet both the event brief and the outlined budget. This can serve as powerful evidence as to the impact that can be created with expert AV production. As well as explaining the other advantageous reasons your event needs AV, providing professional and sophisticated design visuals in-line with a clear breakdown of costs, can help justify the required AV spend and prompt sign-off.


X3 Solutions are an expert audio visual solutions provider with over 20 years’ experience. We understand how important it is to be able to visualise the AV elements of your event and that’s why we offer 3D event visualisation as part of our event and conference production services. Give us your brief and trust us to deliver an experience that will captivate your delegates. Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to info@x3solutions.co.uk today.

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