AV: What’s Trending in 2019

As 2019 takes root and the months begin to hurtle by, it’s time to press pause and take a look at the AV trends that will be making an impact in the event world this year and into 2020.

On the whole it appears that there is no one ground breaking technology development that will be taking the audio visual world by storm this year. However, what seems to be clear, is that there are exciting iterations on existing technology that are continuing to make waves.

As event AV technology evolves and makes strides in quality, efficiency and performance, here’s just three AV trends identified, that will be influencing the industry in the year ahead.


LED: 3 Letters, 1 Big Impact

This is by no means new technology in the AV world, however the advances in LED technology, combined with lower prices, have kept it firmly in demand in the events and meetings domain as a display staple for 2019.

LED Walls: Thinner module panels now piece together to create traditional stage backdrops or innovatively shaped walls that concave and convex to stunning effect. The improvements in the way in which the panels now affix together, also helps to create a seamless display, emitting high-resolution colour and perfectly showcasing brand messaging and dynamic content to viewing audiences.

Standalone LED walls are also being utilised in imaginative ways to contribute to immersive audience experiences – think LED panels constructed into curved tunnelled walkways, that display beautiful video or static content, and take entrants on sophisticated branded journeys as they move around specific areas of an event space.

What’s not to love about an LED wall installation. They are easy to transport, simple to put together, versatile in terms of the shapes and sizes that can be created and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Hologram Effect

It may seem a little sci-fi, but the continuing developments in holographic projector technology, plus falling prices, is bringing the future into the now, and to dazzling optical effect.

Historically, projectors have struggled to produce hologram effects in anything other than darkened spaces. However, the projectors of today have evolved to a higher quality and performance efficiency. In light (no pun intended) of these developments, holograms have been refined to such a degree that they’re now a viable technique to deploy in conference, live event and exhibition environments.

The visual illusions that can be created with holograms is an exciting progression in the events industry and provides a whole a new tool for event organisers to utilise, when considering how to communicate and present information to audiences in a new and revolutionary way.

The scope for holograms is huge and is an exciting medium to begin exploring for this year and beyond; particularly for those event planners looking to capture audience imaginations with visually stimulating, scalable 3D objects and characters.


VR and AR: Still Trending

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become established features within the events technology landscape and it doesn’t look like they’ll be off the agenda for event organisers in the year ahead.

Virtual reality headsets are becoming ever more popular with event planners and event goers alike and it’s not hard to understand why.  VR gives brands the opportunity to fabricate digital worlds for individuals to immerse themselves within. The falling costs of implementing the tech into events also means that it’s more affordable and attainable for smaller businesses to utilise in order to increase audience participation.

The convergence of the physical world and the digital is also expanding how VR can be used in a live event setting. This year, more event organisers will mix their digital stories with real surroundings to further enhance user experiences; cue touching switches, buttons and the erection of modular walls to give real, but safe boundaries in which individuals can explore.

Although VR is currently a more mainstream technology, AR is set to become more prevalent in 2019 and proceeding years. Here’s why…


The Rise of Augmented Reality

AR applications are now more widely available, easy and cost effective to install on mobile devices. As so many of us now own either a smartphone, tablet or both, AR is at our fingertips within minutes of an application download. This opens up a whole new playing field for event planners to experiment with the technology, in order to personalise delegate journeys, elevate attendee experiences and increase engagement with brands even further.

Picture this: Augmented Reality signage in exhibition halls and attendees having the power to view products and services – or specific elements of them – digitally mixed within the context of their real physical environment – all they need is their own mobile device to view it all through.

Of course, development of bespoke AR applications is likely to require a large investment, but as demand for the tech increases, so too should the price of development decrease; helping to remove barriers for businesses using AR for event purposes.

As technology continues to emerge and evolve, it’s an exciting time for AV production and the effects that can be created to maximise the reach, engagement and ultimately the success of your next event.


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