The Event Trends Setting The AV Agenda In 2020

A new decade has arrived and it’s that time of year again, where we look ahead to what event trends will be setting the audio visual agenda over the next 12 months.

In an industry that doesn’t stand still, it’s no surprise that there are some exciting, unmissable trends breaking through and evolving into the mainstream event scene. Here’re just 4 trends that you should be aware of for 2020.

Silent Conferences

Imagine utilising one space to deliver numerous streams of content simultaneously. Silent conferencing is emerging as an increasingly popular method of being able to achieve just this. Through the use of especially licensed frequencies and programmed headphones, event organisers can set up multiple stands, workshops, sets and stages within the same room and transmit quality content directly to delegates, who can tune in and listen to information without being distracted by the concurrent activity taking place around them.

This is a brilliant and forward-thinking use of existing wireless headphone technology. The solution allows a seamless journey for delegates, who, in one place, can discover the content that matters most to them. Not only does this remove the time lag from moving between event sessions, creating a more efficient event programme for all involved, but it is a great way for event planners to optimise floor space, reducing the need and cost associated with additional room hire.

Projection Mapping

This technology has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a place on the top trends list. This projection technique can certainly create versatile, showstopping results: transforming objects, surfaces and exteriors into stunning, immersive, sometimes interactive multi-media, audio visual displays for events.

Casting projections within both indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming an accessible and really effective way of creating visually stimulating 3D illusions; sound can also be added to the projections to maximise the impact and elevate the observers experience further. This flexible technology is completely scalable too, allowing events of all sizes to benefit from its spectacular ability to convey enthralling theming, branding and messaging, all through the power of light.


Where’s the correlation between the trend for wellness and AV we hear you ask? Well, let us explain. As awareness around wellness and wellbeing has grown, so too has the application of wellness initiatives within event programmes. The uptake of this trend has seen event professionals looking for new and imaginative ways to create areas within live event environments, that offer peace, tranquillity and an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and recharge.

So, here’s the all-important AV link. The use of colour schemes and background music are proven to influence mood, so professional audio visual lighting techniques and sound systems are providing events with the professional means in which to transform venue spaces into ambient ‘wellness zones’, that work to relax delegates. With this trend sticking around, it’s an interesting time to explore the additional capabilities of AV event production, and the solutions they can offer to enhance delegate experiences.


Conventional venues have their place and always will, but the industry is seeing a desire for unique, alternate, stand-alone event spaces. This trend presents an exciting chance for planners to choose venues that break-away from the norm and which will capture the imaginations of attendees; with locations such as abandoned prisons, deserted warehouses, museums and art galleries topping the list as different spaces to experiment with. As this trend emerges and spaces not purpose built for events gain popularity, AV production specialists will also have a great opportunity to further demonstrate to corporate clients, how their services can transform blank canvasses into functional, yet visually and audibly impressive event sites, that can facilitate high-quality business output.

As trends come and go in an ever-changing event landscape, X3 Solutions will always be a constant, providing creative AV Solutions for your live events and conferences. If you’d like to discuss your AV requirements for upcoming projects, then talk to the team today on: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to

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AV Event Logistics: The Basics

When it comes to events, there’re so many logistical elements to consider, and sometimes it can seem like a challenge too big to tackle on your own. That’s where X3 come in. We’re here to help you cover off some of the most common audio visual logistics that could impact on your event.

Know Your Venue

When it comes to your venue, it is important to know its capabilities and what can be achieved within the space available; this will put you in an informed position and help you make an array of decisions related to your event, including those surrounding the AV production.

Talk to your venue and confirm what space is available for equipment, check if there are any restrictions on what equipment can be used. Identify whether there is adequate access to the venue for AV to be unloaded and bought in for set-up. At X3, we always suggest a site visit to selected event venues. We can ask the right questions and ensure we find out all we need to know, to plan an event’s AV with the specifications of your venue firmly in mind.

Set-Up and Break-down Timings

In an ideal world, you’d have days to set-up and break-down the audio visual production for your event, ensuring that every element is perfectly on point. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and this is why timing has to be a crucial consideration in the planning of your event.

What if you only have a venue or access to a certain area of your venue for a limited time? You will need a professional AV team that can advise on what time is required to set-up and dismantle stages and sets, and who can deploy their expertise into the design of the production, to ensure its flexible enough to meet the timelines required. Even in the tightest of turnarounds, our team will be onsite, working quickly and confidently to deliver maximum visual and audio impact. Whatever the time restrictions, we plan meticulously and work to make sure quality of the production is never compromised.

Don’t Be Constrained By A Location

It’s only natural you want your audience to be able to see and hear all the content that has been created for your event, after all that’s why you’ve worked so hard to get them to attend. In instances where it may not be possible to accommodate all delegates in one area of your venue, live streaming across especially erected screens, with high quality outputs, can provide an effective solution.

Live streaming also offers you the opportunity to broadcast your event to a wider audience. Streaming can offer those who cannot physically attend the chance to watch your event content from wherever they are in the world. Incorporating such an element can be a great way to increase event engagement, and can also provide an additional revenue stream, if you decide to charge a fee for viewing.

Don’t let your target audience miss out on any of your carefully created and curated messaging; let them hear and see everything, even if they can’t get to the stage themselves.

Look Who’s Talking

With so many incredible effects that can be created with expert audio visual, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the AV basics. It’s essential to consider who will be speaking at your event and how. Will they be mobile, moving across the stage? Will there be a panel session? Is there a Q&A component to your event, that will involve multiple speakers and input from the audience? Thinking these details through from this offset, will ensure that the right microphone equipment can be selected to best suit the event format and used to optimise audio delivery and participation.


Let Us Take Care Of Your Audio Visual Production

Our team of audio visual experts will take care of all of the AV logistics related to the production of your event. This means you can relax and leave it down to us to make sure your event looks and sounds incredible. Let’s talk about your next project: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to to get started.

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X3 Team Download Series: Simon Reast

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Senior Production Engineer, Simon Reast.


Q. Hi, Simon. Jumping straight in. What do you think the key to a great AV production service is?

A. I’ve been in the AV industry for over 16 years and in this time I’ve come to realise that providing AV for clients is far more than supplying equipment, setting up and breaking down. It’s about building strong relationships and working closely with clients to understand the vision for their events and designing creative solutions that will bring this to life for them. The X3 team take this approach on every project we work on and we centre our clients at the core of everything we do.


Q. You’ve been with X3 for over three years as a Senior Production Engineer, could you tell us more about what your role entails and where your AV expertise lies?

A. I have a very hands on role with X3. I get involved in all aspects. From prepping the equipment in the warehouse, through to loading it up onto the vans and lorries ready for departure. Sometimes I’ll drive the equipment to the event itself and this can take me all over Europe. Once onsite, I’m responsible for the unload and AV setup process. It’s great being an all-rounder onsite of an event, as I can get involved with the sound, lighting and visual elements, as well as supporting the team with stage and set builds.

As a creative and visual person, I’m naturally drawn to the video and data components of an events audio visual; it’s great to play a part in delivering the visual impact for an event.


Q. What would your advice be to an event organiser who is looking for professional AV but is concerned about the cost?

A. Investing in expert AV production for live events will always be money well spent. I think AV can help emphasise the clients’ message in a way that just would not be possible without professional audio visual; imagine a product launch or corporate event without technology! It just wouldn’t work.

Of course, cost will always be an important factor to consider for our clients, but we work closely with them to understand their expectations and their allotted budget. This detail is taken into consideration when we recommend our AV production solutions and we ensure that whatever we put forward will deliver the right impact at the right cost for the project.


Q. Of all the destinations you’ve travelled to as part of your role with X3, which has been your favourite?

A. The X3 team travel all over the world delivering audio visual production and onsite AV support, so picking one top destination is tricky as there have been so many that are all amazing in their own right. However, there is one place that always stands out and that’s Tokyo, Japan; it was such a different place with its own unique challenges, but it was an absolutely awesome experience.

Being able to travel to new places across the globe is a really fantastic part of my role with X3; I get to see incredible locations and work in diverse environments. Supplying AV in different parts of the world means that the X3 team can confidently manage projects that involve regional complexities. We aren’t phased by challenges and use our knowledge and experience to deliver a seamless experience for our clients – that’s what it’s all about with X3.


Q. Why do you think trust is such an important component between X3 Solutions and your clients?

A. A client will select us for our AV expertise and therefore every interaction we have with them has to demonstrate this and our ability to deliver professional AV solutions that align with their brief. As a result of doing this, trust is instilled, develops and grows, which is vital for an effective working relationship. When there is two-sided trust, we can work and get on with what we do best, allowing our clients to rely on us and put their focus on other event priorities that may need their attention.


Q. What trends are shaping X3’s approach to event AV at the moment?

A. People expect a creative element to make an event memorable. We live in a social media age, so looking good and engaging an audiences’ attention in the right way is so important in expanding an events overall reach. This is definitely influencing the approach we take to events and provides us with an exciting opportunity to recommend the different technology options and techniques that can help deliver a standout look and feel; enhancing a brands ability to deliver their messages effectively.

Interactivity is also a big trend that continues to shape events. Event organisers are really realising that nobody just wants to sit and be talked at for hours on end anymore. This has led to an increased uptake in voting systems and iPad integration: giving delegates the opportunity to ask questions, input their opinions and vote on event topics.

In-event filming and capturing all aspects of an event is becoming more popular too. Larger events are using this style of content to close their events and provide a visually stimulating roundup of their programme. Organisers also re-purpose this content as promotional event collateral post-event, which extends its usability and can help justify the filming cost.

On the whole the continuing evolution of technology is what seems to instigate trends in the events industry, and we’re always looking out for the latest AV tech that can be implemented to convey a clients’ event message in more powerful and unforgettable ways.


Carry on the conversation with Simon – here’s how:


Check out the rest of the X3 team download series, available now on our blog page.

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X3 Team Download Series: Martin Newell

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Operations Director, Martin Newell.


Q. Hi Martin, first, tell us how long you’ve worked within the AV industry?

A. Well, I’ve been working within the AV industry for over 27 years, 6 of those years being with X3 Solutions. I was part of the team that co-founded X3 Solutions and I think it’s our collective experience and knowledge that has built the business into the position it is in today.


Q. What is your area of AV expertise?

A. My area of AV expertise lies in audio. From a young age I always had an interest in audio systems, so continuing into this professional arena seemed like a natural progression. I appreciate high quality audio reproduction and it’s this appreciation that drives me to produce great sound experiences for each and every client X3 work with. Audio really is key to any live event; you need to be heard in the best possible way to convey your message to your audience.


Q. How has the AV industry changed during your career to date?

A. I have witnessed the analog to digital revolution and therefore one very notable change is the technology that’s used within our industry; this has evolved and developed so much over the years. The advances have dramatically changed the quality of productions and allowed us to continually offer a superior service to our clients, so that their live event audio visual is always first-class. At X3, we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best AV technology available on the market.

From a personal perspective I really enjoy how the AV industry is always looking for new ways and technologies that can enhance our service offering.


Q. Do you have a favourite AV project that you’ve worked on?

A. I was part of the AV team that produced the audio visual production for a World War 1 Roadshow. This event project was a favourite because on-site we were setting up and working in many different locations; we were outside with the various challenges that brings, and the subject matter was really interesting. There were so many different elements to pull together, which as a team we delivered on. All the various components made it a very rewarding event to be involved in.


Q. What is your work mantra?

A. In this line of work my mantra is, ‘preparation is everything’, you can’t leave any detail down to chance. The team at X3 are highly detail orientated, no matter the size or scale of the event. We take a proactive approach to our work too; if we foresee an issue or a problem, we deal with it immediately. Similarly, if we see an opportunity to elevate your experience with us as a business further, then we’ll take it. Basically, we aim to provide excellent technical expertise in combination with incredible customer service, so that we become the AV solutions supplier you can rely on for your events time and time again.


Q. Out of all the AV related questions put your way, which one tops the list as the most frequently asked?

A. It would probably be, “Can we fit the screen in that room?”. Like I said earlier on, detail is everything in our business and that’s why we don’t answer questions, like this one, without fully researching and understanding the dimensions of the space we will be operating in.

It is for this reason too, that site visits to venues are vital, as they give the team the ability to scope out the room(s) we will be delivering our AV production in. Once we have all the relevant information to hand, we can advise our clients confidently on the most suitable staging and AV set-up for their specific project, and work to ensure that it delivers the required impact.


Q. It’s a question that we’re asking every member of the X3 team, but in your opinion, what impact does AV production have on a live event or conference?

A. Professional audio visual production enhances an event and brings it to life. Well-thought-out AV, that takes into consideration the event purpose, theme and audience, can help immerse and captivate attendees and deliver information in a unique and powerful way.

The X3 team always work closely with clients on their projects, and we make sure that from the very outset we get a comprehensive brief of what they want to achieve from their events; we then collaborate with them to deliver a production that aligns with this vision. By listening and forming strong partnerships with our clients, we provide outstanding audio visual solutions that are always on-brief and within budget.

I relish being part of a great team that has the skill, experience and expertise to transform live events. There is no better feeling than completing a project that has benefitted enormously from the implementation of creative AV.


Carry on the conversation with Martin – here’s how:


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X3 Team Download Series: David Beswick

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

First up is, David Beswick X3 Solutions Creative Director and one of the co-founders of the company. We started our chat with him by getting the lowdown on when and why X3 Solutions was first devised.


Q. Hi David, how long has X3 Solutions been around for?

A. We set X3 up back in 2013, so we’ve been operating now for over 6 years. The time has gone incredibly quickly and we’re really proud of the business X3 has become and continues to evolve into.


Q. What was the driving force behind creating X3 in 2013?

A. We came together to create X3 Solutions with the mission of providing a high service level to our clients – that was one thing that was really important to us. The co-founding team have all worked in the AV industry before, and of course whilst a creative approach and affordable prices are incredibly important factors in our business – that’s a given – we also know how vital strong relationships are between an AV supplier and a client. So that was our focus: to combine years of audio visual experience in the live events and conference industry, with the ability to give clients a fantastic experience with us as a company.

We always look to be one step ahead, so that our clients can get on with the work that they need to do onsite and trust us as their expert AV partner. It’s an approach that works, and it certainly helps us to form great working relationships with clients and to deliver AV solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.


Q. Where is X3 Solutions Head Quarters based?

A. We are located in Ash Vale in the UK. However, this is just our base and a place for the team to regroup. X3 takes a global approach: this means we can work on AV projects for live events and conferences anywhere in the world – you can check out some of the incredible places we’ve provided our AV production services here.


Q. David, tell us more about your role as Creative Director:

A. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I’ve developed my areas of expertise in creative design and production management, which is what led to me heading up the creative function here at X3.

The creative element is what makes the audio visual we deploy, unique to the brand; although we take all our clients through the same tried and tested process, we seek to get to know them and their event individually, taking a detailed brief at the outset, so that we can design bespoke creatives that will capture their individual specifications. It’s fantastic to work with businesses and to bring their projects to life through the transformative power of AV – that’s why I love what I do.


Q. Tell us about your favourite AV project to date:

A. We work across a wide spectrum of industries including pharmaceutical, automotive, financial, cosmetic and others, so it’s difficult to pin point one favourite AV project; all of them are so individual and have been great to work on. But, there was one large-scale event that I delivered in Prague, last year, that I was really pleased with in terms of the end set design; it was one of the most functional that I have created to date, and ultimately that is the very purpose of good design: to look amazing whilst serving a multi-faceted purpose.


Q. From your experience in the AV world, what is one piece of insight you would share?

A. Creating professional AV solutions takes time, dedication and a huge attention to detail. Simple and seamless designs are often the ones that are very difficult to create, and that’s part of the illusion we build – we put in the hours, the creative and technical expertise, and work hard to provide AV that appears effortless in its delivery, and that creates an unrivalled impact on audiences.


Q. Finally, why do you believe AV production is so important to incorporate into live events and conferences?

A. Well executed and considered AV, ensures that an optimised environment has been created for both presenters and delegates. If presenters have the correct setting, which allows them to present confidently, then in my experience they are much more relaxed, and in turn they are able to convey the information and key messages in a way that flows and that is captivating for the audience. Similarly, if delegates are immersed and engaged through the power of AV techniques, then they are far more receptive to the information being communicated. A well-rounded AV specification means that brands can be heard and seen clearly and deliver their content in a creative and inspiring format.


Carry on the conversation with David – here’s how:



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How to Create the Ultimate Event with the Latest AV Technology

Constant developments in AV technology are enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to create their own version of the ultimate event, from insightful talks that incorporate striking visual elements, to interactive voting systems that fuel meaningful interaction between a presenter and their audience. Below are a few tips on how to use AV technology to full effect.


Cater to a global audience

Whilst you should treat your guests to high-quality AV systems that ensure sharp images and crystal clear sound, you can also share your event with the world through smart AV solutions.

Webcasting is becoming an increasingly popular tool for capturing and broadcasting everything that happens, with the option of airing it live or making the content available on-demand. By including this type of activity, your event will benefit from significantly increased longevity and perhaps even an additional revenue stream.


Include live polls and iPad solutions

Even the most gripping event can go through dips in the audience’s concentration, sometimes even due to unavoidable circumstances such as an early start or lunch being on the horizon. However, there are numerous tactics that can be adopted to guarantee full attention throughout, with live polls and iPad systems being an excellent example.

By inviting your guests to offer their personal opinions and ask questions via straightforward devices, you’ll engage them on a whole new level and assure them that their input is highly valued.


Make it the ultimate event that everyone wants to emulate

Comfortable seating? Check. Interesting speakers and presentations? Check. Mouth-watering snacks and hearty catering options? Double check! All of these elements are crucial to any gathering, but to create the ultimate event you need the genuine wow factor. To help you achieve this, a professional AV team can design anything from high-quality sound systems and eye-catching projections, to creative lighting that sets the mood and transforms the environment entirely.

If you really want to make the most of AV technology, you can hire a team, such as X3 Solutions, to build a 3D visualisation that will accurately show what the day will look like thanks to the wonders of professional rendering software. This is perfect for making sure that everything not only looks fantastic, but also runs smoothly as a result of valuable insight into every element of audio visual activity and how it all fits together.


If you’re interested in audio visual production to achieve effective brand experience events, that last long in the memories of your audience, then speak to X3 Solutions: the audio visual production specialists. We expertly provide event and conference production globally, for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. For more information and to discuss your AV requirements further, speak to the X3 Solutions team on: 01252 519303 or email

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