The Event Trends Setting The AV Agenda In 2020

A new decade has arrived and it’s that time of year again, where we look ahead to what event trends will be setting the audio visual agenda over the next 12 months.

In an industry that doesn’t stand still, it’s no surprise that there are some exciting, unmissable trends breaking through and evolving into the mainstream event scene. Here’re just 4 trends that you should be aware of for 2020.

Silent Conferences

Imagine utilising one space to deliver numerous streams of content simultaneously. Silent conferencing is emerging as an increasingly popular method of being able to achieve just this. Through the use of especially licensed frequencies and programmed headphones, event organisers can set up multiple stands, workshops, sets and stages within the same room and transmit quality content directly to delegates, who can tune in and listen to information without being distracted by the concurrent activity taking place around them.

This is a brilliant and forward-thinking use of existing wireless headphone technology. The solution allows a seamless journey for delegates, who, in one place, can discover the content that matters most to them. Not only does this remove the time lag from moving between event sessions, creating a more efficient event programme for all involved, but it is a great way for event planners to optimise floor space, reducing the need and cost associated with additional room hire.

Projection Mapping

This technology has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a place on the top trends list. This projection technique can certainly create versatile, showstopping results: transforming objects, surfaces and exteriors into stunning, immersive, sometimes interactive multi-media, audio visual displays for events.

Casting projections within both indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming an accessible and really effective way of creating visually stimulating 3D illusions; sound can also be added to the projections to maximise the impact and elevate the observers experience further. This flexible technology is completely scalable too, allowing events of all sizes to benefit from its spectacular ability to convey enthralling theming, branding and messaging, all through the power of light.


Where’s the correlation between the trend for wellness and AV we hear you ask? Well, let us explain. As awareness around wellness and wellbeing has grown, so too has the application of wellness initiatives within event programmes. The uptake of this trend has seen event professionals looking for new and imaginative ways to create areas within live event environments, that offer peace, tranquillity and an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and recharge.

So, here’s the all-important AV link. The use of colour schemes and background music are proven to influence mood, so professional audio visual lighting techniques and sound systems are providing events with the professional means in which to transform venue spaces into ambient ‘wellness zones’, that work to relax delegates. With this trend sticking around, it’s an interesting time to explore the additional capabilities of AV event production, and the solutions they can offer to enhance delegate experiences.


Conventional venues have their place and always will, but the industry is seeing a desire for unique, alternate, stand-alone event spaces. This trend presents an exciting chance for planners to choose venues that break-away from the norm and which will capture the imaginations of attendees; with locations such as abandoned prisons, deserted warehouses, museums and art galleries topping the list as different spaces to experiment with. As this trend emerges and spaces not purpose built for events gain popularity, AV production specialists will also have a great opportunity to further demonstrate to corporate clients, how their services can transform blank canvasses into functional, yet visually and audibly impressive event sites, that can facilitate high-quality business output.

As trends come and go in an ever-changing event landscape, X3 Solutions will always be a constant, providing creative AV Solutions for your live events and conferences. If you’d like to discuss your AV requirements for upcoming projects, then talk to the team today on: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to

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AV Event Logistics: The Basics

When it comes to events, there’re so many logistical elements to consider, and sometimes it can seem like a challenge too big to tackle on your own. That’s where X3 come in. We’re here to help you cover off some of the most common audio visual logistics that could impact on your event.

Know Your Venue

When it comes to your venue, it is important to know its capabilities and what can be achieved within the space available; this will put you in an informed position and help you make an array of decisions related to your event, including those surrounding the AV production.

Talk to your venue and confirm what space is available for equipment, check if there are any restrictions on what equipment can be used. Identify whether there is adequate access to the venue for AV to be unloaded and bought in for set-up. At X3, we always suggest a site visit to selected event venues. We can ask the right questions and ensure we find out all we need to know, to plan an event’s AV with the specifications of your venue firmly in mind.

Set-Up and Break-down Timings

In an ideal world, you’d have days to set-up and break-down the audio visual production for your event, ensuring that every element is perfectly on point. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and this is why timing has to be a crucial consideration in the planning of your event.

What if you only have a venue or access to a certain area of your venue for a limited time? You will need a professional AV team that can advise on what time is required to set-up and dismantle stages and sets, and who can deploy their expertise into the design of the production, to ensure its flexible enough to meet the timelines required. Even in the tightest of turnarounds, our team will be onsite, working quickly and confidently to deliver maximum visual and audio impact. Whatever the time restrictions, we plan meticulously and work to make sure quality of the production is never compromised.

Don’t Be Constrained By A Location

It’s only natural you want your audience to be able to see and hear all the content that has been created for your event, after all that’s why you’ve worked so hard to get them to attend. In instances where it may not be possible to accommodate all delegates in one area of your venue, live streaming across especially erected screens, with high quality outputs, can provide an effective solution.

Live streaming also offers you the opportunity to broadcast your event to a wider audience. Streaming can offer those who cannot physically attend the chance to watch your event content from wherever they are in the world. Incorporating such an element can be a great way to increase event engagement, and can also provide an additional revenue stream, if you decide to charge a fee for viewing.

Don’t let your target audience miss out on any of your carefully created and curated messaging; let them hear and see everything, even if they can’t get to the stage themselves.

Look Who’s Talking

With so many incredible effects that can be created with expert audio visual, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the AV basics. It’s essential to consider who will be speaking at your event and how. Will they be mobile, moving across the stage? Will there be a panel session? Is there a Q&A component to your event, that will involve multiple speakers and input from the audience? Thinking these details through from this offset, will ensure that the right microphone equipment can be selected to best suit the event format and used to optimise audio delivery and participation.


Let Us Take Care Of Your Audio Visual Production

Our team of audio visual experts will take care of all of the AV logistics related to the production of your event. This means you can relax and leave it down to us to make sure your event looks and sounds incredible. Let’s talk about your next project: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to to get started.

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X3 Team Download Series: David Walker

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Project Manager, David Walker.


Q. Hi David, what does the role of an X3 Project Manager entail?

A. I’ve been with the X3 team as a Project Manager for over 5 years. It’s a role that’s very varied and it really keeps you on your toes in terms of the diversity of the projects that we work on.

I’m one of the main points of contact with our clients and it’s part of my role to understand their vision and what they are trying to achieve from their event. We then work collaboratively to generate concepts and develop them into a scheme that we imaginatively bring to life through our specialist AV production solutions.

From the start of the project to the end, we become a dedicated part of an event team. Each client we work with goes through the same process, but everything we do is tailored to them and their specific requirements. I make sure that every element relating to a project is coordinated and completed to specified deadlines. I also draw upon my vast experience within the AV industry to proactively negate any issues that may arise throughout the project; we’re committed to ensuring that the service X3 deliver is seamless.


Q. Do you have a specialism within audio visual?

A. Yes, my expertise sits in sound production. Sound is such a complex element in event production, and it’s so crucial to get it right. The way content is heard during live events is really important; if it isn’t transmitted well then messages can be missed, audiences disengage, and the overall impact of the event is lost. Sound and visual elements must align in order to create experiences that really captivate and talk to an audience.


Q. Is there anything that would surprise your clients in terms of the work that goes on behind the scenes at X3?

A. As an audio visual company, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service, matched with providing a great customer experience, so I think that our clients expect and know that we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that their event production is first-rate.

In order to fulfil these expectations, the team at X3 are dedicated to planning and designing the AV production of an event with meticulous detail, and there is a huge importance placed on the extensive testing of equipment before it’s deployed for an event.


Q. As Project Manager, what is your approach to answering AV related questions from clients?

A. Part of bringing our clients’ event vision to life is effectively managing expectations and ensuring that when we go back on any questions, that the answers we provide are supported by facts that allow for us to make informed decisions together.

No matter the question, we are always happy to advise and support our client. Some questions are simple, and we can go back instantly. Some questions may involve a little more investigation in order for us to understand the context and to answer all queries confidently. We will also outline any other considerations that may have to be addressed in projects in light of potential changes.

Ultimately, our approach is to provide answers to all possible questions upfront and at the beginning of the project, reducing the need for questions later on down the line.


Q. We understand that X3 works across a broad spectrum of industries, but do you have a favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

A. We worked on an event for a cosmetics group and it remains one of my favourite projects because of the fact we utilised an ultra-wide screen and video projection. This set-up is completely immersive and works so well to present dynamic content in a visually exciting way. We work to combine our creative solutions with this technology in order to transform an audiences surroundings. Ultra-wide projection screens are adaptable too, meaning we can customise it to the clients’ venue spaces, without compromising on the transformative effect.


Q. Do you think AV production for live events is a nicety or a necessity?

A. Well, you’re asking this question to someone who has worked within the AV sector for over 20 years, so of course, to me, it’s a necessity. However, the fact that I work within this industry isn’t really a deciding factor to my answer. I think it is clear to most people (AV professional or not), how important expert audio visual production is, and how it can elevate an event from being mediocre to incredible. Professional AV transforms events, and we look to demonstrate this in every service we provide to our clients.


Q. What benefit(s) do your clients get from utilising X3 Solutions AV services?

A. Our clients feel confident and comfortable with X3. They know that we’re a qualified and experienced team of AV professionals, that take a proactive approach to mitigating any problems, issues or unexpected challenges that may occur, both in the lead up to and during an event. This allows our clients the opportunity to give their undivided attention to their role within an event, whatever that may be, safe in the knowledge that we’ll make their event visually and audibly amazing.


Carry on the conversation with David – here’s how:

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X3 Team Download Series: Martin Newell

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Operations Director, Martin Newell.


Q. Hi Martin, first, tell us how long you’ve worked within the AV industry?

A. Well, I’ve been working within the AV industry for over 27 years, 6 of those years being with X3 Solutions. I was part of the team that co-founded X3 Solutions and I think it’s our collective experience and knowledge that has built the business into the position it is in today.


Q. What is your area of AV expertise?

A. My area of AV expertise lies in audio. From a young age I always had an interest in audio systems, so continuing into this professional arena seemed like a natural progression. I appreciate high quality audio reproduction and it’s this appreciation that drives me to produce great sound experiences for each and every client X3 work with. Audio really is key to any live event; you need to be heard in the best possible way to convey your message to your audience.


Q. How has the AV industry changed during your career to date?

A. I have witnessed the analog to digital revolution and therefore one very notable change is the technology that’s used within our industry; this has evolved and developed so much over the years. The advances have dramatically changed the quality of productions and allowed us to continually offer a superior service to our clients, so that their live event audio visual is always first-class. At X3, we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best AV technology available on the market.

From a personal perspective I really enjoy how the AV industry is always looking for new ways and technologies that can enhance our service offering.


Q. Do you have a favourite AV project that you’ve worked on?

A. I was part of the AV team that produced the audio visual production for a World War 1 Roadshow. This event project was a favourite because on-site we were setting up and working in many different locations; we were outside with the various challenges that brings, and the subject matter was really interesting. There were so many different elements to pull together, which as a team we delivered on. All the various components made it a very rewarding event to be involved in.


Q. What is your work mantra?

A. In this line of work my mantra is, ‘preparation is everything’, you can’t leave any detail down to chance. The team at X3 are highly detail orientated, no matter the size or scale of the event. We take a proactive approach to our work too; if we foresee an issue or a problem, we deal with it immediately. Similarly, if we see an opportunity to elevate your experience with us as a business further, then we’ll take it. Basically, we aim to provide excellent technical expertise in combination with incredible customer service, so that we become the AV solutions supplier you can rely on for your events time and time again.


Q. Out of all the AV related questions put your way, which one tops the list as the most frequently asked?

A. It would probably be, “Can we fit the screen in that room?”. Like I said earlier on, detail is everything in our business and that’s why we don’t answer questions, like this one, without fully researching and understanding the dimensions of the space we will be operating in.

It is for this reason too, that site visits to venues are vital, as they give the team the ability to scope out the room(s) we will be delivering our AV production in. Once we have all the relevant information to hand, we can advise our clients confidently on the most suitable staging and AV set-up for their specific project, and work to ensure that it delivers the required impact.


Q. It’s a question that we’re asking every member of the X3 team, but in your opinion, what impact does AV production have on a live event or conference?

A. Professional audio visual production enhances an event and brings it to life. Well-thought-out AV, that takes into consideration the event purpose, theme and audience, can help immerse and captivate attendees and deliver information in a unique and powerful way.

The X3 team always work closely with clients on their projects, and we make sure that from the very outset we get a comprehensive brief of what they want to achieve from their events; we then collaborate with them to deliver a production that aligns with this vision. By listening and forming strong partnerships with our clients, we provide outstanding audio visual solutions that are always on-brief and within budget.

I relish being part of a great team that has the skill, experience and expertise to transform live events. There is no better feeling than completing a project that has benefitted enormously from the implementation of creative AV.


Carry on the conversation with Martin – here’s how:


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X3 Team Download Series: David Beswick

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

First up is, David Beswick X3 Solutions Creative Director and one of the co-founders of the company. We started our chat with him by getting the lowdown on when and why X3 Solutions was first devised.


Q. Hi David, how long has X3 Solutions been around for?

A. We set X3 up back in 2013, so we’ve been operating now for over 6 years. The time has gone incredibly quickly and we’re really proud of the business X3 has become and continues to evolve into.


Q. What was the driving force behind creating X3 in 2013?

A. We came together to create X3 Solutions with the mission of providing a high service level to our clients – that was one thing that was really important to us. The co-founding team have all worked in the AV industry before, and of course whilst a creative approach and affordable prices are incredibly important factors in our business – that’s a given – we also know how vital strong relationships are between an AV supplier and a client. So that was our focus: to combine years of audio visual experience in the live events and conference industry, with the ability to give clients a fantastic experience with us as a company.

We always look to be one step ahead, so that our clients can get on with the work that they need to do onsite and trust us as their expert AV partner. It’s an approach that works, and it certainly helps us to form great working relationships with clients and to deliver AV solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.


Q. Where is X3 Solutions Head Quarters based?

A. We are located in Ash Vale in the UK. However, this is just our base and a place for the team to regroup. X3 takes a global approach: this means we can work on AV projects for live events and conferences anywhere in the world – you can check out some of the incredible places we’ve provided our AV production services here.


Q. David, tell us more about your role as Creative Director:

A. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I’ve developed my areas of expertise in creative design and production management, which is what led to me heading up the creative function here at X3.

The creative element is what makes the audio visual we deploy, unique to the brand; although we take all our clients through the same tried and tested process, we seek to get to know them and their event individually, taking a detailed brief at the outset, so that we can design bespoke creatives that will capture their individual specifications. It’s fantastic to work with businesses and to bring their projects to life through the transformative power of AV – that’s why I love what I do.


Q. Tell us about your favourite AV project to date:

A. We work across a wide spectrum of industries including pharmaceutical, automotive, financial, cosmetic and others, so it’s difficult to pin point one favourite AV project; all of them are so individual and have been great to work on. But, there was one large-scale event that I delivered in Prague, last year, that I was really pleased with in terms of the end set design; it was one of the most functional that I have created to date, and ultimately that is the very purpose of good design: to look amazing whilst serving a multi-faceted purpose.


Q. From your experience in the AV world, what is one piece of insight you would share?

A. Creating professional AV solutions takes time, dedication and a huge attention to detail. Simple and seamless designs are often the ones that are very difficult to create, and that’s part of the illusion we build – we put in the hours, the creative and technical expertise, and work hard to provide AV that appears effortless in its delivery, and that creates an unrivalled impact on audiences.


Q. Finally, why do you believe AV production is so important to incorporate into live events and conferences?

A. Well executed and considered AV, ensures that an optimised environment has been created for both presenters and delegates. If presenters have the correct setting, which allows them to present confidently, then in my experience they are much more relaxed, and in turn they are able to convey the information and key messages in a way that flows and that is captivating for the audience. Similarly, if delegates are immersed and engaged through the power of AV techniques, then they are far more receptive to the information being communicated. A well-rounded AV specification means that brands can be heard and seen clearly and deliver their content in a creative and inspiring format.


Carry on the conversation with David – here’s how:



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How to Create the Ultimate Event with the Latest AV Technology

Constant developments in AV technology are enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to create their own version of the ultimate event, from insightful talks that incorporate striking visual elements, to interactive voting systems that fuel meaningful interaction between a presenter and their audience. Below are a few tips on how to use AV technology to full effect.


Cater to a global audience

Whilst you should treat your guests to high-quality AV systems that ensure sharp images and crystal clear sound, you can also share your event with the world through smart AV solutions.

Webcasting is becoming an increasingly popular tool for capturing and broadcasting everything that happens, with the option of airing it live or making the content available on-demand. By including this type of activity, your event will benefit from significantly increased longevity and perhaps even an additional revenue stream.


Include live polls and iPad solutions

Even the most gripping event can go through dips in the audience’s concentration, sometimes even due to unavoidable circumstances such as an early start or lunch being on the horizon. However, there are numerous tactics that can be adopted to guarantee full attention throughout, with live polls and iPad systems being an excellent example.

By inviting your guests to offer their personal opinions and ask questions via straightforward devices, you’ll engage them on a whole new level and assure them that their input is highly valued.


Make it the ultimate event that everyone wants to emulate

Comfortable seating? Check. Interesting speakers and presentations? Check. Mouth-watering snacks and hearty catering options? Double check! All of these elements are crucial to any gathering, but to create the ultimate event you need the genuine wow factor. To help you achieve this, a professional AV team can design anything from high-quality sound systems and eye-catching projections, to creative lighting that sets the mood and transforms the environment entirely.

If you really want to make the most of AV technology, you can hire a team, such as X3 Solutions, to build a 3D visualisation that will accurately show what the day will look like thanks to the wonders of professional rendering software. This is perfect for making sure that everything not only looks fantastic, but also runs smoothly as a result of valuable insight into every element of audio visual activity and how it all fits together.


If you’re interested in audio visual production to achieve effective brand experience events, that last long in the memories of your audience, then speak to X3 Solutions: the audio visual production specialists. We expertly provide event and conference production globally, for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. For more information and to discuss your AV requirements further, speak to the X3 Solutions team on: 01252 519303 or email

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AV: What’s Trending in 2019

As 2019 takes root and the months begin to hurtle by, it’s time to press pause and take a look at the AV trends that will be making an impact in the event world this year and into 2020.

On the whole it appears that there is no one ground breaking technology development that will be taking the audio visual world by storm this year. However, what seems to be clear, is that there are exciting iterations on existing technology that are continuing to make waves.

As event AV technology evolves and makes strides in quality, efficiency and performance, here’s just three AV trends identified, that will be influencing the industry in the year ahead.


LED: 3 Letters, 1 Big Impact

This is by no means new technology in the AV world, however the advances in LED technology, combined with lower prices, have kept it firmly in demand in the events and meetings domain as a display staple for 2019.

LED Walls: Thinner module panels now piece together to create traditional stage backdrops or innovatively shaped walls that concave and convex to stunning effect. The improvements in the way in which the panels now affix together, also helps to create a seamless display, emitting high-resolution colour and perfectly showcasing brand messaging and dynamic content to viewing audiences.

Standalone LED walls are also being utilised in imaginative ways to contribute to immersive audience experiences – think LED panels constructed into curved tunnelled walkways, that display beautiful video or static content, and take entrants on sophisticated branded journeys as they move around specific areas of an event space.

What’s not to love about an LED wall installation. They are easy to transport, simple to put together, versatile in terms of the shapes and sizes that can be created and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Hologram Effect

It may seem a little sci-fi, but the continuing developments in holographic projector technology, plus falling prices, is bringing the future into the now, and to dazzling optical effect.

Historically, projectors have struggled to produce hologram effects in anything other than darkened spaces. However, the projectors of today have evolved to a higher quality and performance efficiency. In light (no pun intended) of these developments, holograms have been refined to such a degree that they’re now a viable technique to deploy in conference, live event and exhibition environments.

The visual illusions that can be created with holograms is an exciting progression in the events industry and provides a whole a new tool for event organisers to utilise, when considering how to communicate and present information to audiences in a new and revolutionary way.

The scope for holograms is huge and is an exciting medium to begin exploring for this year and beyond; particularly for those event planners looking to capture audience imaginations with visually stimulating, scalable 3D objects and characters.


VR and AR: Still Trending

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become established features within the events technology landscape and it doesn’t look like they’ll be off the agenda for event organisers in the year ahead.

Virtual reality headsets are becoming ever more popular with event planners and event goers alike and it’s not hard to understand why.  VR gives brands the opportunity to fabricate digital worlds for individuals to immerse themselves within. The falling costs of implementing the tech into events also means that it’s more affordable and attainable for smaller businesses to utilise in order to increase audience participation.

The convergence of the physical world and the digital is also expanding how VR can be used in a live event setting. This year, more event organisers will mix their digital stories with real surroundings to further enhance user experiences; cue touching switches, buttons and the erection of modular walls to give real, but safe boundaries in which individuals can explore.

Although VR is currently a more mainstream technology, AR is set to become more prevalent in 2019 and proceeding years. Here’s why…


The Rise of Augmented Reality

AR applications are now more widely available, easy and cost effective to install on mobile devices. As so many of us now own either a smartphone, tablet or both, AR is at our fingertips within minutes of an application download. This opens up a whole new playing field for event planners to experiment with the technology, in order to personalise delegate journeys, elevate attendee experiences and increase engagement with brands even further.

Picture this: Augmented Reality signage in exhibition halls and attendees having the power to view products and services – or specific elements of them – digitally mixed within the context of their real physical environment – all they need is their own mobile device to view it all through.

Of course, development of bespoke AR applications is likely to require a large investment, but as demand for the tech increases, so too should the price of development decrease; helping to remove barriers for businesses using AR for event purposes.

As technology continues to emerge and evolve, it’s an exciting time for AV production and the effects that can be created to maximise the reach, engagement and ultimately the success of your next event.


As AV experts, the team at X3 can talk you through the best and most suitable AV solutions that will align with your event purpose and budget. We know how to take your event to the next level with AV production that will transform the way your event looks and sounds. Talk to the team today on: +44(0)1252 519303 or email us at:


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AV Solutions With Global Reach

X3 Solutions provide AV solutions for live events and conferences around the globe. As part of our job we get a unique opportunity to see the world as we work.

Working with clients in Europe and beyond, we travel to amazing destinations and venues to deliver expert audio visual production. As well as being an incredible perk to the job, our globetrotting also gives us a great advantage when it comes to working on your event production – our highly skilled team of technicians have extensive knowledge and experience of the AV industry in and outside of the UK, which allows us to be one step ahead of your expectations.

Join us on a quick round the world trip of the incredible locations we’ve been providing our AV services in:

Dubai, Rome and Mexico


Athens, Cannes and Lisbon


Nice, Switzerland and Malta


The journey doesn’t end there, follow us on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to explore more and to join in our future adventures.

No matter the location, X3 solutions are the AV experts that have the credentials you’re looking for to elevate your event to the next level. Tell us about your audio visual requirements and find out how we can work as your AV partner on your next live event: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to to get started.

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3 Ways 3D Event Visualisation Can Improve Your Event Planning Process

Does the term 3D event visualisation resonate with you at all? Is it something that you’ve heard of, but you’ve never paid attention to? You may know a little about 3D rendering software, but you’re probably unaware of the valuable ways it can benefit the early stages of your event development – until now. Here are the 3 ways 3D event visualisation can improve your event planning process.

1. Professional Reassurance

No matter your experience within the event planning arena, when you engage with an AV supplier you want the reassurance that they share your vision and fully understand the event brief that you’ve supplied to them. Using 3D rendering software early on in the event planning process can help provide visual confirmation that your AV team are on the same page as you and get what it is you are trying to achieve in terms of the look and feel of your event.

Professional AV companies should work with you on a collaborative basis, to produce a couple of design concepts that can be refined in order to nail down a final creation that is bespoke to your specifications, and that can be produced in-line with your budget allocation.

The way in which 3D design concepts are created and presented can also help give you an insight into how your AV partner will work with you throughout the entire process. It is a good opportunity for you to assess their AV credentials, and how they will manage you as a client. From the outset, finding an AV company that you can build a good working relationship with and trust with your AV requirements is key.

2. Collective Vision

When planning an event, it is unlikely that you are going to be working in isolation and therefore it is important that you can share your vision of how the event should look with the wider event team. Sharing the 3D design(s) of your event can help bring it to life and give the event a strong theme and identity that can be used to inspire and influence other aspects of the event planning process, including:

  • The venue selection – ensure the AV concept can be facilitated by the venue that is chosen
  • Seating and furniture elements
  • Event marketing collateral
  • Content creation
  • Food and drink selections

Aligning the core components of your event from the off, can have a beneficial effect on its overall execution and can help create an integrated immersive experience for attendees.

Unfortunately, sharing a quick doddle sketched in the back of your notepad of how you envision the event, is unlikely to have the same impact. Therefore, finding an AV production company that offers 3D visualisation as part of their service, will help you to shape your event brief into a tangible and shareable asset, that can support with driving your event forward.

3. Gentle Persuasion

Wouldn’t it be great if money was no object and you were free to make all the decisions irrespective of price? The reality is that you are most likely working to a fixed event budget and reporting back to the powers at be on the costs being incurred.

In some instances, event AV can be seen as an unnecessary expenditure. There can also be a hesitancy to spend on AV due to not having a clear understanding of what you will be getting for the financial outlay – this is where 3D event visualisation can play an integral part in helping you to influence budgetary spend.

Many AV production businesses will take the time to meet with the event team and decision makers. They will talk through the service they intend to provide and present the 3D visual concepts; which should be designed to meet both the event brief and the outlined budget. This can serve as powerful evidence as to the impact that can be created with expert AV production. As well as explaining the other advantageous reasons your event needs AV, providing professional and sophisticated design visuals in-line with a clear breakdown of costs, can help justify the required AV spend and prompt sign-off.


X3 Solutions are an expert audio visual solutions provider with over 20 years’ experience. We understand how important it is to be able to visualise the AV elements of your event and that’s why we offer 3D event visualisation as part of our event and conference production services. Give us your brief and trust us to deliver an experience that will captivate your delegates. Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to today.

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The AV Terms You Need to Know

Here at X3 we understand that working with an AV supplier on your event, if you have little or no prior experience within the AV industry, can be a daunting prospect.  It’s important to us that you’re not only making the most of your AV budget, but also feel confident when discussing the AV required for your event. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of some of the key and most common AV terms that you are likely to come across.

Knowing the basics is a great starting point and busting through the technical jargon will help give you confidence when conversing with the X3 team and conveying your AV needs.

Here are some basic audio visual terms to get you started on your mission to becoming AV savvy:

Aspect Ratio:

Sounds technical, but let’s keep it simple: it is used to describe the width to the height relationship of an image on a screen. The most common aspect ratios used are 4:3 and 16:9.


A nice abbreviation for ‘Audience Response System’. We can discuss with you how this works from a hardware and software perspective – if you want to get involved with that level of detail. Digital event solutions work well to engage your audience in polls and/or Q&A sessions and are worth considering as an element of your AV, if your event needs this type of audience interaction.

Confidence Monitor:

Presenting content naturally and confidently is a requirement for all events that have live speakers on stage. Displaying what content is being shown on the screens behind the presenter, the confidence monitor is placed strategically on stage for speakers to use as a guide. Having this to refer to supports the speaker in delivering their information in sync with the projections of the presentation displayed to the audience.

Front of House:

Perhaps a phrase you’ve heard before, but a term that means something different in the AV world. This is the area that your X3 AV team will be allocated to set up and run the AV for your live event. Involving the X3 team from the start of your project will give us the opportunity to visit the venue and for this element to be considered and pinned down early on in the process.


A great piece of lighting equipment to personalise your event. How? A gobo holds a template within it to project out your logo or especially created wording. Whatever you choose to place inside the gobo, the design can create a nice impact when customising the event space.

Load-in and Load-out:

The process whereby the set on stage is built ahead of the event and the subsequent actions taken to pull down the set on stage post-event.


A microphone is a microphone, right? Well, no there are many variations of microphone to select from. The type of microphone needed will depend on the nature of your event and how the speakers are going to communicate information to attendees; once this has been established we can suggest the best microphone type to suit the speaker’s needs.

Play-Ons and Music Stings:

Using music to introduce speakers or winners to stage can help to create the desired atmosphere within a conference environment. These terms relate to the tunes that will be selected and used for these pivotal points in the event.

Rear and Front Projection:

How do you want to project your content? Rear projection is placed behind the screen, usually at ground level. Whereas front projection is, yep you’ve guessed it, placed in front of the screen. Front projection is usually suspended from rigging to avoid presenters walking in front of it. Due to rigging requirements this type of projection can warrant a larger part of your AV budget; we can discuss your options with you in order to find a solution that suits the needs of your event, whilst keeping within budget.


As you may expect, this term relates to the sharpness and clarity of an image on a monitor or screen. Images are made up of pixels; the higher the resolution, the more pixels that can be displayed on the screen – more pixels mean a better quality of image displayed.

Rigging and Truss:

Are pieces of AV equipment used to hold your selected lighting, speakers and projectors from. Whilst the rigging is the main support frame, trusses are used to hang what is required in place.

Show Flow:

This is the document that effectively acts as a road-map for the AV of your event. From start to finish, it indicates what audio visual is due to be deployed against pre-determined times. Using a refined show flow plan should ensure that the AV execution during your event is of the highest quality.

At this point you may be feeling a little more comfortable with the broader AV lingo you are likely to encounter, but of course there are many other AV terms and phrases that you will be exposed to throughout your AV journey.

The X3 Solutions team are always happy to walk-you through your AV quote and to explain any terminology you may not be familiar with, so you know what it ‘actually’ means in basic terms for your event. With so much jargon that may baffle you, don’t be afraid to ask our team pertinent questions around your audio visual project; after all, if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

X3 Solutions takes a simple and seamless approach to your AV project. We don’t use jargon and instead aim to work with our clients on a collaborative basis; pairing your business expertise with our AV knowledge and experience to produce an event that looks and sounds great and leaves a long-lasting impression. Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to to get started.




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5 Reasons Your Event Needs AV Production

No matter your industry sector, no matter the event type, you will undoubtedly need the services of an AV supplier, to create an experience that will resonate with attendees and result in an effect that will last long after the event concludes. Here are five persuasive reasons, highlighting why your next event needs X3 Solutions to provide high-quality AV production services:


1. Share your vision

The imagination is a powerful thing, but do you want to leave it down to your minds vision to convey and communicate the image of how your event should look? Working this way may lead to misinterpretation of ideas, frustration and a disappointing result when the look and feel you envisioned isn’t achieved on event day.

The X3 team works with 3D Rendering software, allowing you to see what your event will look like ahead of time. We’ll design ideas based on your initial brief and will work with you to ensure the final creation is bespoke to your specification and delivers maximum impact, whilst also being mindful of your budget. Having a clear and tangible image that you can share with the wider event team, early on, will ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to delivering your event.


2. From concept to delivery

The staging for your event is likely to be the focal point for your attendees and where the most important messages are going to be communicated from- capturing the imagination of your audience from the get-go is therefore essential. Our AV specialists will work with you to design an inspiring concept and deliver a professional set build that will complement your overall event theme. It is worth noting that your budget will influence what you can achieve, but our skilled and knowledgeable AV experts will always advise on how to get the most ‘bang for your buck’.


3. Be heard in the best possible way

Is there anything worse than being at the back of the room, leaning forward in your chair, trying to catch the words of the speaker on stage? Similarly, being jolted back into your chair from the shrill of microphone disturbance is an equally as unpleasant experience and can be a real AV fail.

The delegates experience of the day can be profoundly affected by the way they hear and take on board the information being delivered. When working with X3 you can be assured that we work with that highest quality PA and sound systems and take care of all technical elements. What this means for your event: a slick and seamless sound production, expertly transmitting sound content.


4. Mix it up

Content delivered in the written form will most likely be a prerequisite of your event presentation, but beware: an overload of text heavy slides may cause your audience to disengage and switch off. How do you stop this? How do you entertain, yet inform your attendees? To make life easier for our clients we offer an integrated service of creating engaging and tailored video content; allowing you to present key information that will connect in a meaningful and emotive way with your audience.

Recording event content can also be useful collateral pre and post-event: watch the event back, take pride in how it was executed and make learnings to make your next event even better. We can also professionally edit event video content for your marketing purposes; an opportunity for your event to make an impression before it begins and after it ends. Whatever your video content needs, the team at X3 can offer you the right service to make your vision a reality.


5. Let there be light

The use of light during an event can have an unrivaled power, especially in combination with other incredible content. Tap into our specialist knowledge of how to best utilise lighting effects, to connect the elements of your event spectacularly. We’ll work with you collaboratively and coordinate the kit required to create an immersive event atmosphere, that will transcend your expectations.


In a competitive landscape, it’s important to understand the impact of AV production and its ability to lift an separate your event, to differentiate your messaging and offering.  So, what’s next?

Talk to X3 HQ and we will work in partnership with you to understand your event and the requirements specific and unique to your brand. We will help balance your creative ambition with your budget and ultimately deliver an event that will captivate.

As an expert AV company, X3 Solutions can help with the technical aspects of AV management as well as offering a personal service, that’s built on the foundations of a team that has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Talk to us today by calling: +44(0)1252 519303 or sending a message to:

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How To Make The Most Of Your AV Budget

AV equipment is certain to completely enhance the effect of your event, but such a high impact comes at a cost. Although an expensive service can indicate that you’ll receive the very best, this doesn’t mean you should be spending over the odds on your overall AV budget.

You may be wondering how you can ensure this doesn’t happen, especially if you’ve not used an AV supplier before. There are a number of ways you can make the most of your AV budget, so we’ve put together three suggestions that’ll guarantee value for money:


Ask all the right questions:

Don’t simply ask a supplier for a quote and let that be it – make sure you continuously communicate with them by asking questions about their charges and service. There’s various things you can query, a key one being the exact costs and what you’ll receive for your money. For example, a fixed price doesn’t tell you anything, and it may be that they’ve included additional extras you may or may not need.

Also, ensure you know the full range of what’s available. A supplier might not have included the most recent technology that could better your event’s impact. On top of this, negotiate! Most providers will be able to decrease their costs, even if only slightly, if you don’t require a particular service or if your event is during off-peak hours.


Do your research:

Before draining all of your budget, ensure you conduct thorough research. Getting a few quotes will help set a standard for how much AV products and services should cost. It may be that one provider is cheaper, and another is charging more but offering extra.

Also, if you know anyone else who’s used an AV supplier previously, ask how much the different features cost them. And, if they used a supplier you’ve also received a quote from, check if the prices match up. It’s worth noting that some do increase their prices as time goes on, but if it’s not been long or if the rise is significant, then they could be trying to take advantage of your new-to-AV status.


Ensure it achieves the desired effect:

You’ll need to guarantee the products and service are right for the impact you’re hoping to have. Although you may think it’d be impossible to see how the AV would appear in action, that’s not true at all. For one, you can view previous work of a supplier, which may be similar to your event idea.

As well as this, the provider may use full 3D visualisation so you can see what your event will look like. X3 Solutions utilises state-of-the-art 3D rendering software that creates bespoke, life-like designs. This means you’ll have no doubt how your event will look on the day, and that it’ll be of the very best fit to your specification.

As one of the leading AV suppliers, we can help you with all things audio visual – from high quality sound systems to webcasting. Whatever your requirements, our customer-focused service will ensure you’ll make the most of your budget. Request a quote by giving us a call on +44(0)1252 519303, or sending a message to

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3 Steps To The Ultimate Interactive Event

A bunch of bored faces, everyone’s eyes on the people who are walking out, negative feedback on social media…these are just a few pre-event fears you might have. It’s perfectly natural to worry a little. But, if your event’s engaging, then you’re pretty much guaranteed success.

How can you capture an audience? It’s simple: get them to interact and enjoy it. Here are three steps that’ll help you achieve the ultimate interactive experience:


1. Make the most of video

Rather than long text that can be easily ignored, video moves and speaks in front of you, making it difficult to not pay attention. 79% of consumers prefer to learn about a product by watching a video, so now’s the time to take advantage of this superb method of attaining engagement.

Instead of creating a text-based PowerPoint, you can use video to present – or perhaps a combination of the two. Content ideas are endless: there’s ‘how to’ videos for the explanation of using a new product, nomination videos for an awards show, or even a moving adaptation of the event programme.


2. Provide a device

It doesn’t matter if someone’s a toddler or adult, if you put a device in their hand, they’ll likely be intrigued. Giving attendees a tool creates a connection between them and the event, making them feel like they’re having an effect.

You could use tech to test their knowledge with a quiz, or allow them to give opinions and make decisions via voting. Other options are to ask attendees who they think will win for an awards ceremony, or to communicate their feedback. This is very likely to be positive, given that the interactivity will enhance their experience.


3. Use high-quality tailored AV

Audience engagement can only be expected to be successful if it’s done in the right way. The audio visual equipment will need to be of the best standard; weak production sticks out like a sore thumb. If a video stops half-way through or attendees’ answers to the quiz won’t submit, they’ll quickly become dissatisfied.

The interactivity also needs to be tailored to your specific event. A how-to video, for instance, is unlikely to do well at an awards ceremony. The equipment ought to be bespoke too – everything from the stage to the lighting systems will be required to suit the specification of your event.

X3 Solutions can ensure an interactive experience that’ll live long in the memory of your guests. You can even physically see what it’ll look like before we get started – hand us your brief and we’ll create a full-3D, bespoke visualisation of your event. Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to to get started.


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