X3 Team Download Series: Martin Newell

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Operations Director, Martin Newell.


Q. Hi Martin, first, tell us how long you’ve worked within the AV industry?

A. Well, I’ve been working within the AV industry for over 27 years, 6 of those years being with X3 Solutions. I was part of the team that co-founded X3 Solutions and I think it’s our collective experience and knowledge that has built the business into the position it is in today.


Q. What is your area of AV expertise?

A. My area of AV expertise lies in audio. From a young age I always had an interest in audio systems, so continuing into this professional arena seemed like a natural progression. I appreciate high quality audio reproduction and it’s this appreciation that drives me to produce great sound experiences for each and every client X3 work with. Audio really is key to any live event; you need to be heard in the best possible way to convey your message to your audience.


Q. How has the AV industry changed during your career to date?

A. I have witnessed the analog to digital revolution and therefore one very notable change is the technology that’s used within our industry; this has evolved and developed so much over the years. The advances have dramatically changed the quality of productions and allowed us to continually offer a superior service to our clients, so that their live event audio visual is always first-class. At X3, we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best AV technology available on the market.

From a personal perspective I really enjoy how the AV industry is always looking for new ways and technologies that can enhance our service offering.


Q. Do you have a favourite AV project that you’ve worked on?

A. I was part of the AV team that produced the audio visual production for a World War 1 Roadshow. This event project was a favourite because on-site we were setting up and working in many different locations; we were outside with the various challenges that brings, and the subject matter was really interesting. There were so many different elements to pull together, which as a team we delivered on. All the various components made it a very rewarding event to be involved in.


Q. What is your work mantra?

A. In this line of work my mantra is, ‘preparation is everything’, you can’t leave any detail down to chance. The team at X3 are highly detail orientated, no matter the size or scale of the event. We take a proactive approach to our work too; if we foresee an issue or a problem, we deal with it immediately. Similarly, if we see an opportunity to elevate your experience with us as a business further, then we’ll take it. Basically, we aim to provide excellent technical expertise in combination with incredible customer service, so that we become the AV solutions supplier you can rely on for your events time and time again.


Q. Out of all the AV related questions put your way, which one tops the list as the most frequently asked?

A. It would probably be, “Can we fit the screen in that room?”. Like I said earlier on, detail is everything in our business and that’s why we don’t answer questions, like this one, without fully researching and understanding the dimensions of the space we will be operating in.

It is for this reason too, that site visits to venues are vital, as they give the team the ability to scope out the room(s) we will be delivering our AV production in. Once we have all the relevant information to hand, we can advise our clients confidently on the most suitable staging and AV set-up for their specific project, and work to ensure that it delivers the required impact.


Q. It’s a question that we’re asking every member of the X3 team, but in your opinion, what impact does AV production have on a live event or conference?

A. Professional audio visual production enhances an event and brings it to life. Well-thought-out AV, that takes into consideration the event purpose, theme and audience, can help immerse and captivate attendees and deliver information in a unique and powerful way.

The X3 team always work closely with clients on their projects, and we make sure that from the very outset we get a comprehensive brief of what they want to achieve from their events; we then collaborate with them to deliver a production that aligns with this vision. By listening and forming strong partnerships with our clients, we provide outstanding audio visual solutions that are always on-brief and within budget.

I relish being part of a great team that has the skill, experience and expertise to transform live events. There is no better feeling than completing a project that has benefitted enormously from the implementation of creative AV.


Carry on the conversation with Martin – here’s how:


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Why AV is a Must for Your Product Launch

Your product launch is no doubt a major event in the company calendar and is your businesses opportunity to showcase the product or service that has been in the planning for months or perhaps even years.

How do you make sure that your launch creates an un-rivalled vibe that ripples through your industry and firmly places your brand in the mind of your target audience? In today’s fast paced, marketing frenzied world, what does it take to stand out from the crowd and conceive brand advocates?

Audio visual production can play a huge part in elevating your product launch and the way attendees get excited, interact and perceive your latest offering. How? Find out…

SET the scene

How you position your product at its launch will be remembered and can set the tone for its journey into the market place. Whatever story you create for your product, bring it to life with a set design that transforms a venue space and clearly drives the personality of your brand to deliver maximum impact.

Tell your AV team your vision and work with them closely to develop concepts that capture the essence of your product. If your AV supplier works with 3D rendering software, you can even see in exceptional detail how your initial ideas would look in reality; allowing you to select the right creation that can be developed by your AV team into an incredible physical installation that will WOW.

Watch the transformation

You’ll want to showcase your product in the best light possible and that’s where a well-thought-out lighting scheme can amplify the setting of your launch and create an amazing effect that transforms the space and sets the mood for your event. Your AV provider will have extensive knowledge on which lighting systems will work best to produce an ambience that complements your set design and aligns with your overall launch image.

Project your brand

Product launches are an opportunity to engage with prospects who now, or in the future, may be interested in purchasing your product. Maximise the power of your platform and find out how your AV supplier can support in the creation of visual event content that is not only entertaining but insightful and informative. Inventing and implementing attention grabbing content ideas can help communicate the unique selling points of your product and fundamentally shape the attendees experience of your brand.

Impressive content needs to be seen. Depending on the nature of your launch, the range of techniques that can be used to project your content are impressive. From wide-screen displays and HD projectors through to projection mapping technology, the power of your imagination can be harnessed by audio visual equipment that pushes the boundaries of what you thought would be possible.

With such a spectacular event lined up why limit exposure? Take your launch event to the masses and live stream, allowing audiences who aren’t in attendance to experience the wonders of your launch first-hand. Live streaming can also help create a buzz and urgency to consume content, which is exactly the momentum you want to produce for your product.

It doesn’t end there: AV solutions such as event recording, can provide promotional collateral that can be used as part of your wider marketing strategy after the event is done and dusted. Optimise the ROI of your launch event and continue to drive awareness and interest with video content that packs a punch.


Utilising audio visual production can help to make your launch an introduction that counts – take industry insiders, commentators and brand fans on a journey that they won’t forget and make your launch event a spectacular that people can’t wait to talk about and share. Awe-inspiring experiences, underpinned by customised AV solutions, transcend walls of venues and filter out through social channels and other sharing platforms, allowing audiences to discover your new product and brand.

X3 Solutions are specialists in AV production for live product launches and work with your brief and budget in mind to turn your event vision into a reality. Having worked with many clients across different sectors and around the world we have the experience and expertise to manage your project from start to finish. We work collaboratively with you to deliver an experience for your audience that will captivate and propel your brand into the forefront of their minds. Tell us your AV requirements today: Call: +44(0)1252 519303 Email: info@x3solutions.co.uk.


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AV Solutions With Global Reach

X3 Solutions provide AV solutions for live events and conferences around the globe. As part of our job we get a unique opportunity to see the world as we work.

Working with clients in Europe and beyond, we travel to amazing destinations and venues to deliver expert audio visual production. As well as being an incredible perk to the job, our globetrotting also gives us a great advantage when it comes to working on your event production – our highly skilled team of technicians have extensive knowledge and experience of the AV industry in and outside of the UK, which allows us to be one step ahead of your expectations.

Join us on a quick round the world trip of the incredible locations we’ve been providing our AV services in:

Dubai, Rome and Mexico


Athens, Cannes and Lisbon


Nice, Switzerland and Malta


The journey doesn’t end there, follow us on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to explore more and to join in our future adventures.

No matter the location, X3 solutions are the AV experts that have the credentials you’re looking for to elevate your event to the next level. Tell us about your audio visual requirements and find out how we can work as your AV partner on your next live event: Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to info@x3solutions.co.uk to get started.

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5 Simple Steps to Follow When Requesting an AV Quote

Managed incorrectly, finding an external AV supplier and the process of requesting a quote could be a long drawn out and painful experience, but it needn’t be this way.  Here are 5 simple steps to follow when requesting an AV quote…

1. Face to Face Meetings

Relying on email communications can be a time-consuming process when trying to acquire a detailed and accurate quote from AV suppliers. Save time and consider setting up a face-to-face meeting, or if geographical barriers make this difficult try utilising conferencing software.

Having real time conversations where event planners and audio visual professionals are in attendance together can help to thrash out the details of your event there and then. This can help save time going back and forth on email questions – which can be really frustrating for everyone involved.

Kick-off meetings can help get the AV team on-board with what you want your event to achieve; allowing them to create a quote from an informed position and reducing the likelihood of fundamental information getting lost in translation, which could cause delays in receiving a quote that is reflective of your audio visual requirements.

2. Dial up on Detail

Engaging potential AV suppliers at the right time in the planning process is vital. Setting up a meeting where you have no details to share will inevitably be a waste of time on both sides. Creating an event brief to share and discuss with the AV team during your initial meeting with them can help establish a framework in which to flesh out further details.

Sharing the venue that you have booked for your event or the venue options that are being considered can also provide an important insight for the AV team looking to quote for the work. From this information they can gauge the scale of the event and consider the logistical aspects.

Tip: Once you’ve secured an AV partner it is always advisable to carry out a walk-through of the venue, which many reputable audio visual companies will be happy to do.

Whilst there is no expectation of having a full event plan nailed down at the start of the planning process, having a robust brief and identifying budget parameters can cut out the likelihood of changes having to be made to the AV specification later-on. Armed with the detail at the outset, an audio visual quote can be compiled with a clearer picture of what AV elements and equipment will be needed to achieve your event vision.

3. Find Your Show-flow

My what? Your show-flow: this is essentially a road map of your event audio-visual from start to finish. Providing an outline of your event schedule before quote submission will assist the AV professionals working on your project to pull together a first draft of your show-flow, which will give them the best opportunity to cover off what will be needed to execute your event and create the show-stopping impact you’re after. Again, it boils down to sharing detail to get the most precise quote possible.

4. Content and Layout

Establishing the kind of content your event will require can also help stream-line the AV quoting process. It may be something that hasn’t been pinned down at the time you start to procure an audio visual supplier, but having an early concept to build upon will illuminate the ideas that you have for your event and the AV support that will be needed to implement them; all of which can be taken into account when putting your quote together.

Tip: Some audio visual specialists will also offer event content creation services that you may want to consider including into your overall quotation.

The nature of your event will influence the layout you require, perhaps you will need more than one layout throughout the course of the day, or maybe you’ll need multiple layouts for different areas of your event venue. Whatever your layout preferences, talk them through with the AV team quoting so they can incorporate the provisions needed to make your plans a reality.

5. Price Comparison

High quality audio visual doesn’t come cheap and can be a relatively expensive service, but it’s a must to deploy, to create a unique and exceptional event experience for your audience.

Remember, that when you finally come to review the quote(s) from your AV prospect(s) that a price isn’t necessarily reflective of the quality and service you will receive. Take time to go through your quote(s) line by line. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your AV contact(s) and ask them to walk you through the quote they’ve provided – cutting through all of the AV jargon will help you form a true understanding of what you are getting for your money.

If you put out a tender for multiple AV quotes, then the procedure of acquiring a quote can highlight which AV team best understands your event audio visual requirements and can also shine a light on their client management skills. Select an AV supplier that you can form a strong partnership with and that you trust to deliver an audio visual service that will help you get the most from your AV budget.

Requesting an AV quote is an important step in your event planning process. Finding ways to simplify the quotation request process is essential and will allow you to effectively and efficiently make the right selection based on the audio visual company that is best suited to your event needs and budget. An expert AV company will confidently guide you through the quotation process and submit a quote for your consideration against your stipulated deadlines.


With over 20 years’ in the industry, X3 Solutions have worked with clients across different industry sectors to provide first-class AV solutions for live events and conferences. Give us a call on +44(0)1252 519303 or email info@x3solutions.co.uk  to find out how we can elevate your event to the next level.



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3 Steps To The Ultimate Interactive Event

A bunch of bored faces, everyone’s eyes on the people who are walking out, negative feedback on social media…these are just a few pre-event fears you might have. It’s perfectly natural to worry a little. But, if your event’s engaging, then you’re pretty much guaranteed success.

How can you capture an audience? It’s simple: get them to interact and enjoy it. Here are three steps that’ll help you achieve the ultimate interactive experience:


1. Make the most of video

Rather than long text that can be easily ignored, video moves and speaks in front of you, making it difficult to not pay attention. 79% of consumers prefer to learn about a product by watching a video, so now’s the time to take advantage of this superb method of attaining engagement.

Instead of creating a text-based PowerPoint, you can use video to present – or perhaps a combination of the two. Content ideas are endless: there’s ‘how to’ videos for the explanation of using a new product, nomination videos for an awards show, or even a moving adaptation of the event programme.


2. Provide a device

It doesn’t matter if someone’s a toddler or adult, if you put a device in their hand, they’ll likely be intrigued. Giving attendees a tool creates a connection between them and the event, making them feel like they’re having an effect.

You could use tech to test their knowledge with a quiz, or allow them to give opinions and make decisions via voting. Other options are to ask attendees who they think will win for an awards ceremony, or to communicate their feedback. This is very likely to be positive, given that the interactivity will enhance their experience.


3. Use high-quality tailored AV

Audience engagement can only be expected to be successful if it’s done in the right way. The audio visual equipment will need to be of the best standard; weak production sticks out like a sore thumb. If a video stops half-way through or attendees’ answers to the quiz won’t submit, they’ll quickly become dissatisfied.

The interactivity also needs to be tailored to your specific event. A how-to video, for instance, is unlikely to do well at an awards ceremony. The equipment ought to be bespoke too – everything from the stage to the lighting systems will be required to suit the specification of your event.

X3 Solutions can ensure an interactive experience that’ll live long in the memory of your guests. You can even physically see what it’ll look like before we get started – hand us your brief and we’ll create a full-3D, bespoke visualisation of your event. Call +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to info@x3solutions.co.uk to get started.


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Common AV Fails And How To Overcome Them

Even in this day and age an AV supplier, audio-visual kit can fail. It’s every event host’s worst nightmare – and it happens all too often for AV suppliers. We’ve all experienced that uneasy moment where the presenter wrestles with the equipment in an attempt to restore the picture and sound… the audience left sitting there, unsure of what to do or say. Not only does it feel awkward, it looks unprofessional – which is why it’s crucial to learn how to overcome AV hiccups.

As a leading AV supplier for live events and conferences, we know a thing or two about what’s required to keep AV firing on all cylinders. Below is a list of how to survive their common failures:


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X3 Solutions On Tour

Here at X3, we are lucky enough to see the world as part of our job. We work with clients across the globe installing AV sets for events and conferences in Europe and the Rest of the World. Being able to see some amazing venues and locations gives us an advantage when it comes to working with you on your event production requirements. [..]

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