X3 Team Download Series: David Walker

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Project Manager, David Walker.


Q. Hi David, what does the role of an X3 Project Manager entail?

A. I’ve been with the X3 team as a Project Manager for over 5 years. It’s a role that’s very varied and it really keeps you on your toes in terms of the diversity of the projects that we work on.

I’m one of the main points of contact with our clients and it’s part of my role to understand their vision and what they are trying to achieve from their event. We then work collaboratively to generate concepts and develop them into a scheme that we imaginatively bring to life through our specialist AV production solutions.

From the start of the project to the end, we become a dedicated part of an event team. Each client we work with goes through the same process, but everything we do is tailored to them and their specific requirements. I make sure that every element relating to a project is coordinated and completed to specified deadlines. I also draw upon my vast experience within the AV industry to proactively negate any issues that may arise throughout the project; we’re committed to ensuring that the service X3 deliver is seamless.


Q. Do you have a specialism within audio visual?

A. Yes, my expertise sits in sound production. Sound is such a complex element in event production, and it’s so crucial to get it right. The way content is heard during live events is really important; if it isn’t transmitted well then messages can be missed, audiences disengage, and the overall impact of the event is lost. Sound and visual elements must align in order to create experiences that really captivate and talk to an audience.


Q. Is there anything that would surprise your clients in terms of the work that goes on behind the scenes at X3?

A. As an audio visual company, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service, matched with providing a great customer experience, so I think that our clients expect and know that we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that their event production is first-rate.

In order to fulfil these expectations, the team at X3 are dedicated to planning and designing the AV production of an event with meticulous detail, and there is a huge importance placed on the extensive testing of equipment before it’s deployed for an event.


Q. As Project Manager, what is your approach to answering AV related questions from clients?

A. Part of bringing our clients’ event vision to life is effectively managing expectations and ensuring that when we go back on any questions, that the answers we provide are supported by facts that allow for us to make informed decisions together.

No matter the question, we are always happy to advise and support our client. Some questions are simple, and we can go back instantly. Some questions may involve a little more investigation in order for us to understand the context and to answer all queries confidently. We will also outline any other considerations that may have to be addressed in projects in light of potential changes.

Ultimately, our approach is to provide answers to all possible questions upfront and at the beginning of the project, reducing the need for questions later on down the line.


Q. We understand that X3 works across a broad spectrum of industries, but do you have a favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

A. We worked on an event for a cosmetics group and it remains one of my favourite projects because of the fact we utilised an ultra-wide screen and video projection. This set-up is completely immersive and works so well to present dynamic content in a visually exciting way. We work to combine our creative solutions with this technology in order to transform an audiences surroundings. Ultra-wide projection screens are adaptable too, meaning we can customise it to the clients’ venue spaces, without compromising on the transformative effect.


Q. Do you think AV production for live events is a nicety or a necessity?

A. Well, you’re asking this question to someone who has worked within the AV sector for over 20 years, so of course, to me, it’s a necessity. However, the fact that I work within this industry isn’t really a deciding factor to my answer. I think it is clear to most people (AV professional or not), how important expert audio visual production is, and how it can elevate an event from being mediocre to incredible. Professional AV transforms events, and we look to demonstrate this in every service we provide to our clients.


Q. What benefit(s) do your clients get from utilising X3 Solutions AV services?

A. Our clients feel confident and comfortable with X3. They know that we’re a qualified and experienced team of AV professionals, that take a proactive approach to mitigating any problems, issues or unexpected challenges that may occur, both in the lead up to and during an event. This allows our clients the opportunity to give their undivided attention to their role within an event, whatever that may be, safe in the knowledge that we’ll make their event visually and audibly amazing.


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